Selecting the Best AES Block Cipher Mode (AES-GCM VS AES-CBC)

About AES

AES Cipher Modes

  • ECB mode: Electronic Code Book mode
  • CBC mode: Cipher Block Chaining mode
  • CFB mode: Cipher Feedback mode
  • OFB mode: Output FeedBack mode
  • CTR mode: Counter mode
  • GCM mode: Galois/Counter mode

CBC mode: Cipher Block Chaining mode

  • Chosen Plaintext Attack(CPA) — Attacks with a set of chosen plaintexts and to obtain respective ciphertext.
  • Chosen Ciphertext Attack(CCA) — Attacks with a set of chosen ciphertexts to obtain respective plaintexts.
  • Padding oracle attacks

AES-GCM instead of AES-CBC


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